Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Make Tiara from Beads

Do you want to make this beautifull tiara? .....this is how to make it...
Tiara Beads
 Material that you’ll need:
1.       Beads
2.       Wire
3.       Plastic headband
4.       Imitation jewelry
5.       Pincers


Plastic head band

Imitation jewellry

 Here are the steps:
1.   Tied up the end of wire to headband and put inside 65 beads into the wire. Tied up the wire again to the  other end of headband.
Tiara beads first step

2.  Put inside 10 beads and make triangle, the space on the bottom is 5 beads. Make the same 4 triangles.

Tiara beads second steps
Tiara Beads Third steps

3.  Continue with the same triangle but add more 3 beads to make a small circle on top of it.

Tiara beads fourth steps

4.  Make the same triangle but this time add 5 more beads to make the circle, so it will be higher than before.
Tiara beads fifth steps

5.  For the front part. Put inside 7 beads and then the imitation jewelry continue with 7 more beads. And tighten up. The bottom space is the same with the other, 5 beads.

Tiara Beads sixth steps
6.  For the half part of tiara, make the same pattern like before. And then you can wear it to the party.......
Tiara beads

Tiara Beads